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About Me

Hi, I’m Kate, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist and Mermaiding Instructor.

At the beginning of 2020, I created “Life in a Wave”, an holistic project born to offer moments of well-being and lightness  to people of all ages.

Yoga teachings is one of the paths offered. This  three thousand years -old philosophy, teaches us the art of self-care and self-healing. My mission is to introduce as many people as possibile  to “Yoga Path” and to lead the way.

Yoga’s philosophy develops in eight (Ashtanga) steps. The asana,  the physical yoga positions, are only the third and perhaps the simplest of these stages, and generally the best known and most practiced.

To practices the postures (asana) is relative simple: all you need is a mat, yourself, the courage to start (or continue) and the will to persevere.

I love wandering in nature discovering new places to practice and where to organize classes and workshops. Over time, I have come to carry everywhere my yoga mat, so to follow the inspiration of the moment, wherever I am, and practice: #yogaeverywhere.

I live, as much as possible, in the wave of the moment”, in the “here and now”, as yoga teaches us. 

I invite you all to do the same and to join this new project of  Life in a Wave!

What's #yogaeverywhere?

Often on my walks I would think, “Wow, this would be a wonderful place to practice … if I could bring other people here… if I had my mat!!!

I thought that maybe I wasn’t the only one who felt in that way … from there  the inspiration to create this community: an easy and direct way to meet up, share moments of joy and well-being each time in a new place,  without rigorous planning!

The idea is  Come, Practice, Go: yoga classes on short notice, in different locations (in addition to the weekly scheduled classes and workshops), as much as possible outdoors .

Our lives  are planned to the second… this is an opportunity to let us seize the moment!

Are you having a hard day or week?

Do you feel the need to recharge? to breathe ? to feed your soul?

Do you want to connect to yourself?

This is your chance!!!

How does it work?

Whenever I come across a new place, or want to share the inspiration of the moment, a wellness interlude, I will post the date, place and time of the class on the social networks. It’s then up to you to choose to make time for it and join me!

The Concept is: Come, Practice, Go! 

Each yoga session lasts 1h15 and costs €10.00,  payable on site. 

It is up to you let me know whether you will  join me! 5 participants are enough to confirm the session. That’s it!  

So keep in the car your mat, a cousin and comfortable clothes … Be always prepared for yourself!

If you know any beautiful and unique places in nature where you would love to practice, I am open to all suggestions.

The place where you have always dreamed of practicing yoga can be our next wellness appointment.

Why should you practice yoga? 10 good reasons:

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Be Wave, Be Free, Be Yoga!


Private Facebook group


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